Clinical Trails

Travancore Medicity recently achieved a noteworthy medical milestone through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Athul Thulasi, Dr. Judy (Head of Department – Radiology), Dr. Sajith, and Dr. Biju (Anesthesiologist). The team successfully addressed a case involving a 9-year-old patient who unintentionally swallowed a pen cap. Demonstrating a prompt and precise approach, the medical professionals utilized bronchoscopy to effectively retrieve the foreign object. This strategic intervention proved to be highly successful, eliminating the need for surgical procedures and underscoring the institution’s commitment to advanced, minimally invasive medical practices for optimal patient care.

A 2-year-old patient with a persistent cough, despite the use of antibiotics, was presented at Travancore Medicity. The mother reported peanut ingestion before symptom began, leading to a CT scan, revealing a lodged object in the lung. The collaborative efforts of Dr. Atul Tulasi (Interventional Pulmonology), Dr. Manju Mahendran (Pediatrician), Dr. Babita (Radiologist), and Dr. Anju (Anesthesiologist) resulted in the successful removal of the foreign object through pediatric bronchoscopy, effectively resolving the symptoms. This case not only highlights the critical importance of swift and coordinated interventions in addressing pediatric respiratory challenges but also exemplifies the triumphant collaboration of medical expertise that brought relief to the young patient, securing a decisive resolution to the challenging scenario.

A 26-year-old female patient presented to the emergency department following a fall from the first floor of her residence, reporting severe back pain and leg weakness. Diagnostic CT and MRI scans revealed a fractured L1 vertebra with fragments causing narrowing of the spinal canal. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Akhil Sunil, a neurosurgeon affiliated with the Travancore Institute of Brain Health (TIBH), a Percutaneous D11 to L3 pedicle screw fixation procedure was successfully executed. This intervention, supported by the anesthesia team led by Dr. Anju Joseph, which included Dr. Divya and Dr.Radhika, as well as the efficient coordination by scrub nurse Anju and C-Arm technician Mohamed Sarak, Sreelakshmi, effectively stabilized the fractured fragments, leading to a significant reduction in the patient’s pain and weakness. The cooperative efforts of the medical team at the Travancore Institute of Brain Health showcase the institution’s steadfast dedication to providing outstanding care and attaining positive patient outcomes.

Achieving a milestone in cardiac care – The first successful Minimally Invasive Cardic Surgery (MICS) took place at Travancore Medical College Hospital. Under the skilled leadership of Dr. Faizal, our renowned cardiac surgeon, the surgical team, including Dr. Deepu, Dr. Sidharth, Dr. Abhilash, and Dr. Sabari S (Anesthesiologist) demonstrated excellence in this groundbreaking procedure. Minimally invasive heart surgery offers a host of benefits, including a smaller incision and scar, reduced risk of infections, minimal blood loss, and less physical trauma. This advanced approach also facilitates a potentially shorter hospital stay, enabling patients to recover more swiftly and resume their regular activities. Compared to traditional bypass surgery, MICS stands out as a superior option, alleviating concerns related to pain, bleeding, and prolonged hospitalization. The successful implementation of MICS at Travancore Medical College Hospital marks a significant advancement in cardiac surgery, emphasizing the hospital’s commitment to providing patient-centric healthcare.