“Travancore Medicity Laboratory facility functions 24 hours a day with emphasis on accuracy, precision and prompt reporting.”

The Laboratory at Travancore Medicity work as an effective and essential investigation tool for physicians to detect disease conditions earlier, understand the underlying clinical symptoms, make a better diagnosis, work out effective therapies, monitor improvements over time and provide better patient care. The laboratory caters to a comprehensive range of test menu and diagnostic tools to help the medical community arrive at a precise diagnosis faster and provide timely patient care. At Travancore Medicity, the complete range of pathology testing services including Microscopic and Cell Examinations, Cytology, and Tissue Pathology (Histology), Hematopathology and Immunopathology are covered. All tests are performed by technologists who work under strict quality assurance guidelines and time tested processes that ensure minimal errors and faster turnaround time of results. Quality assurance and accreditation of all laboratory procedures, steps, and interpretations relevant to the quality of performance are described and documented and are regularly reviewed and updated as per the guidance and recommendations.


  • 24*7 service
  • Microbiological
  • Biochemistry
  • Qualified Trained Professionals
  • Well-equipped Labs