About Us

The Concept

A better care with innovation

“A trailblazer in the field of education and healthcare, Travancore Medicity is designed to deliver the highest level of professional expertise and world-class care.”

Conveniently located at Mylapore in Kollam district, Travancore Medicity is a Multi speciality hospital that truly cares for life. A pioneer in the field of education and healthcare, We promise to deliver the highest level of professional expertise and world-class care. Deployment of ultra-modern technology further adds to its strength and commitment to give its patients the best of healthcare. The quality domains apply to all staff and departments. Travancore Medicity strives for excellence in healthcare by encouraging a culture of support, respect, integrity and teamwork; by monitoring and assessing the performance against national and international standards of care. By learning from successes and setbacks, Travancore Medicity endeavors to improve through innovation and change; and works in partnership and collaboration with all local agencies of health and social care.

A message from the Chairman

“Our fundamental approach is to consider our staffs and patients as fellow travellers through life.”

“Travancore Medicity was started in 2007, under the aegis of Quilon Medical Trust. Now, after over 9 years of history, without any alteration in the principles upon which the hospital was first set up, we are still able to devote our energies to medical care. The present-day environment in which medicine is practiced is undergoing sudden major changes, and medical staffs are now finding it difficult to cope unless the work is performed as a team effort. This team must involve mutual reliance and the willingness to overcome any shortcomings that may show themselves. Because the patient is on the same team, it is necessary to entrust that person with some suitable responsibility; then, when a course of treatment proves to be effective, all members of the team should certainly be able to participate in the joy of that success. As advances are achieved in the field of medicine, in order that they may contribute to a patient’s own vital energy, I believe that it is necessary for a closer personal relationship and a stronger mutual trust to be developed between doctor and patient, and that a reliable partnership at a fundamental level is essential for the most far-reaching treatment to be achieved. We at Travancore Medicity hope that, both for the sake of each patient and together with each patient, we may all be part of a lasting partnership.”

Warm regards,

Chairman, Travancore Medicity.

A message from the Secretary

“We have created a service culture, a friendly environment that facilitates complete care of our patients.”

A foundation built on values, with the objective of creating a center of excellence for healthcare, Travancore Medicity (TMC) one of the best hospitals in India, is scaling new heights. Within a very short span of time, Travancore Medicity has evolved by leaps and bounds and metamorphosed into one of the best Medical Centers in Southern India. We have created a service culture, a friendly environment that facilitates complete care of our patients. Our three-pronged focus on service, skill and attitude is aimed at meeting the needs of our customers. It’s my pleasure to be a part of this honored institution and I assure you that, under the care of the dedicated team of this esteemed institution, each person will be able to take full advantage of the facilities and services and lead a better life.

Warm regards,

Secretary, Travancore Medicity.

Vision and Mission

A better tomorrow starts with a better vision

“The aim of Travancore Medicity is to deliver continuous improvement at all levels in the quality of services in the pursuit of the best patient-centered care.”

To improve the health, well-being and happiness of each patient with convenient and timely access to quality healthcare by providing the highest standard of treatment protocol.

  • To ensure best possible cure with state-of-the-art facilities, professionalism, and teamwork.
  • To facilitate the integration of various treatment services under one roof for an enhanced cure and care experience.
  • To enhance skill and competence of personnel, thereby ensuring continuous improvement, highest standards of professional conduct, ethical behavior and dedicated service.
  • To provide an enhanced service experience by ensuring better customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure compliance with all statutory, regulatory and other requirements for unobstructed continuum.
  • To develop an environment with the global standard for academic and research activities with a futuristic orientation.
  • To extend a helping hand by understanding community activities in healthcare among the society.
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Agility
  • Courtesy
  • Respect

At Travancore Medicity the philosophy of care represents more than a viewpoint; it’s a commitment. Every member of the team has pledged to make this their personal responsibility, giving the patients and families the perfect care that is supported by the highest order of compassion, innovation, science, and technology.


A better team that delivers

“With expert medical care and committed caregivers, Travancore Medicity provides high-quality clinical care to all patients.”

Management Team

An experienced Management Team is responsible for making sure that the hospital runs safely, that the world-class consultants and nursing staffs at Travancore Medicity treat patients with the highest standards of care, and that the facilities are up-to-date and well-maintained. Continual improvement and development are high on the team’s agenda, along with ensuring that every member of staff strives for the very best outcomes for patients.

Hospital Team

Travancore Medicity is committed to providing first-class clinical and nursing care. Dedicated, highly trained staffs are employed at every level, to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.


A better standard

“Cutting-edge technology to facilitate the best and shortest road to recovery.”

  • This ISO 9001-2008 certified healthcare institution’s facilities include: 850 Patient Beds
  • 144 doctors (103 Clinical, 29 Non-Clinical and 12 Junior)
  • Above 1,500 Personnel
  • 14 Operation Theatre Complexes with Laminar Air Flow
  • 10 Different ICU Complexes with 100 Bed Strength
  • 24 hrs Trauma Care
  • Ambulances with Advanced Facilities
  • 24 hrs Blood Bank and Pharmacy
  • Radiology, Pharmacy, and Laboratory Services

A better protocol

“Services available at Travancore Medicity are among the finest in the nation.”

Travancore Medicity operates in a host of advanced medical specialties and sub-specialties, which are backed by state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. Travancore Medicity has the top certified and highly experienced team of consultants / physicians, many of whom are considered leaders in their fields.