Plastic, Reconstructive, and Micro Vascular Surgery

Plastic, Reconstructive, and Micro Vascular Surgery

“Travancore Medicity is equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out all possible reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures.”

Travancore Medicity offers the very best of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery aided by the latest techniques with the use of state-of-the-art operation theaters, excellent staffs and comfortable recuperation facilities. Many of the deformations of the body can be surgically altered or even completely changed. The Department is geared towards providing a comprehensive solution and care for both common and rare cosmetic problems.

Travancore Medicity promotes a balanced approach that improves the confidence and well-being of the patient. Patients are always counseled and educated on the course of treatment at the hospital. Travancore Medicity treats patients with congenital and traumatic deformities of the face and neck in addition to providing cosmetic surgery of these areas. Reconstructive surgery is performed for burns, cancers, skin problems, traumatic injuries and birth defects. Microvascular and Microneural surgery are provided for cases of amputation, devascularization, peripheral nerve injuries and soft tissue loss. Driven by the passion and commitment of doctors and paramedics who have been serving in this field for many years, Travancore Medicity promises care beyond imagination.


The Plastic Surgery Department at TRAVANCORE MEDICITY, where the synergy of artistic finesse and medical precision converges to create a space dedicated to the enhancement and restoration of physical aesthetics. At the heart of our department is an accomplished team of plastic surgeons, each a master in their craft, delivering transformative outcomes through a spectrum of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

1– Vascular Surgeries

      • Brachial Artery
      • Radial Artery
      • Ulnar Artery
      • Anterior Tibial Artery
      • Posterior Tibial Artery Repair

2 – Burns Management and Surgical Procedures

      • Burns Acute Management
      • Burns Contracture Release

3- General Plastic Procedures

      • Pressure Sore
      • Diabetic Foot Management
      • Non-healing ulcers
      • Cutaneous and soft tissue malignancy
      • Ingrown toenail

4– Nerve Surgery –

      • Peripheral Nerve- Decompression, repair, nerve transfer, Tendon transfer
      • Brachial Plexus – repair, Tumor excision, Nerve Transfer, Tendon transfer
      • Facial nerve surgery
      • Brachial plexus birth injury
      • Tendon transfer for nerve injury
      • Ulnar nerve decompression
      • Tendon transfer for nerve injury
      • Facial nerve – Repair and Eye/smile re-animation

5- Paediatric Plastic Surgery-

      • Hypospadias
      • Birth Brachial Plexus palsy Surgery
      • Small, Absent Ear Reconstruction
      • Ear- Mirotia auricular reconstruction, Traumatic ear repair and reconstruction
      • Cleft Lip palate

6 – Cosmetic Gynecology

      • Labioplasty
      • Monsplasty
      • Hymenoplasty
      • Vaginal fistula repair
      • Hidden penis correction
      • Scrotal web correction

7 – Cancer Reconstruction 

      • Breast cancer reconstruction
      • Oral Malignancy, Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction
      • Soft Tissue Tumour Reconstruction

8- Reconstructive Surgeries-

      • All Types of Flap Surgeries
      • Microsurgical Free Flap for Tissue and Bone Defect in Trauma and Malignancy

9- Cosmetic Surgery

      • Otoplasty
      • Rhinoplasty
      • Facelift
      • Double chin liposuction
      • Brow lift
      • Blepharoplasty
      • Reduction mammoplasty
      • Breast Lift
      • Breast Augmentation, Fat grafting
      • Abdominoplasty, Tummy tuck
      • Liposuction of arms and thighs
      • Gynecomastia correction
      • Whole-body liposuction and body contouring
      • Buttock Augmentation
      • Calf Augmentation
      • Lip Reduction
      • Baggy Eye Correction
      • Blepharoplasty

10 – Hand and Microsurgery

    • Reimplantation of fingers and toes
    • Congenital hand reconstruction (syndactyly, pollicisation, trigger, thumb, tendon transfer)
    • Hand Injury repair and reconstruction
    • Toe Transfer
    • Glomus Tumor Surgery
    • Dupuytren’s contracture surgery