Let’s Start Pumping For A Weak Heart!

Let’s Start Pumping For A Weak Heart!

Subject – TMC Pushup Challenge.


In a time when the social media is filled with all sorts of challenges, here’s your chance to take up a challenge that will be worth the effort and more. Yes! #tmcpushupchallenge is all about that.

Like all other challenges

All you have to do is record a live video of yourself taking as much push-ups you can at one go. You should then upload the video in your Facebook/Instagram pages tagging #tmcpushupchallenge and invite your friends to take up the challenge.

Unlike all other challenges

We are not just looking at identifying Heroes on social media but also urging you to become Heroes in real life; Heart Heroes to be precise. We have set a target of total 10 lakhs push-ups. Once that mark is achieved, Travancore Medicity will perform a free heart surgery for a needy. More than the cost of the surgery that will be met by TMC, it is about the real physical effort that you all put in to make this surgery happen. Our aim is to save a weak heart, and while doing so make a million other hearts pump and stay healthy.



Our Heroes